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            Why Attend

            Attending China International Food Safety & Quality (CIFSQ) Conference is a fast way for you to increase your knowledge and technical competency and for your business to establish a reputation for food safety and quality.

            Food safety doesn't just affect customers; it affects your company and bottom line. If even one thing you learn at CIFSQ Conference avoids a food foodborne illness, you could prevent the kind of incident that can devastate a company or brand. On a broader scale, food safety is also an essential factor for public health, social stability, and global commerce.

            In any field, it's vital to have others you can share ideas with. Here at the CIFSQ Conference, you’ll become part of a community of food safety experts who you can call on for help finding solutions long after your attendance. Imagine the years of experience you’ll tap into when you listen to a stellar lineup of food safety regulators, scientists and industry executives share their professional knowledge and best practices.

            Learn from others. Find out if the methods and procedures you’re already using can be improved. Learn how the best in the business have fixed the same problems you have. Explore what can be done to lower the cost of compliance and minimize downtime for inspections.

            Meet the vendors who can make it all possible. You need the resources of people who can help you accomplish the testing, validation, sanitation, engineering, and more to make your food safety program a reality. At CIFSQ Conference, you can meet them face-to-face from the meeting rooms as well as the exhibition floor to find out who has the best solutions.

            Enhance your professional skill. CIFSQ Conference is a prime opportunity to meet and learn from consultants and training experts who can enhance your professional skills and those of your staff. You can obtain this vast store of new information just by attending.

            Stay on top of evolving industry trends for food safety and how it will impact your business. Whether you export or import food, you'll know what to expect from a changing regulatory scene and expectation of buyers. Compliance is an integral part of food safety, and this conference is a great place to begin to understand what key regulators and your customers want.

            Demonstrate commitment to food safety by attending. Next time a customer or supplier asks about your company's pledge to safe products, you can tell them how you stay on the cutting edge by taking part in conferences like this one. You'll be able to proudly say that your commitment to delivering safe products is ongoing and real.

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