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          1. WORLD SERVICES LTD.

            List of Speakers 2018

            Adrian Rogers
            Senior Research Scientist, Romer Labs UK Ltd.

            Andreas Hensel
            President, German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)

            Anne Brisabois
            Deputy Head, Food Safety Laboratory; Director, Department for Fish Products and Aquaculture, French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES)

            Anne-Mette Olsen
            Chief Adviser, DVM, MVPH, Food Safety & Veterinary Issues, Danish Agriculture & Food Council

            Axel Wildner
            Counsellor, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Food and Agriculture

            Bai Dongxian
            Founder & CEO, Shenzhen DJX Technology Co., Ltd.

            Bao Lei
            Board Director, AOAC International;
            Head, Nestle Food Safety Institute

            Barbara Gallani
            Head of Communication, Engagement and Cooperation Department, European Food Safety Authority

            Benjamin Smith
            Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore

            Bi Kexin
            Director, Import & Export Food Safety Bureau, General Administration of Customs, China

            Butler Xiang
            Chief Operating Officer, Shenzhen ZKS Mobile IoT Tech Co., Ltd

            Cao Wenming
            Manager, Wilmar Global R&D Center

            Chen Junshi
            Senior Research Professor and Chief Adviser, China National Centre for Food Safety Risk Assessment

            Chen Si
            Associate Researcher, Division of Risk Communication (Office of news and public education), China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment

            Chen Yan
            Research Scientist and Secretary to NHC Key Laboratory, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment

            Chen Yuhuan
            Interdisciplinary Scientist, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

            Christine Nellemann
            Director, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark

            Christopher Elliott
            Professor of Food Safety; Founder, Institute for Global Food Security, Queens University Belfast

            Clara Shen
            Business Development and Ventures, Mars Wrigley Confectionery China, Mars

            Danette Andley
            Global Marketing and Business Development, FSD, 3M

            Daniela von Blumr?der
            Deputy Head of Division 324, Veterinary Affairs Export, Germany Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

            Darin Zehr
            General Manager, Commercial Food Sanitation

            David Machiels
            R&I Director, Asia Expansion and Innovation Acceleration, Danone

            David Pigott
            President, Frozen Foods Division, Morrison Lamothe Inc.

            David Tharp
            Executive Director, International Association for Food Protection

            David Zhang
            David Zhang, Senior Laboratory Manager, Romer Labs China

            DeAnn Benesh
            Former President, AOAC International; Manager, Global Regulatory Affairs, FSD, 3M

            Denise Lindsay
            Senior Research Scientist, Fonterra

            Dong Qingli
            Associate Professor, Institute of Food Quality and Safety, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

            Dyane Burke
            Sr. Director - Quality, Conagra Brands, Inc.

            Elizabeth Clare Mills
            Professor of Molecular Allergology, The University of Manchester

            Ernest Teye
            Senior Lecturer (Agri-food & Post-harvest technology and Food Engineering), Department of Agricultural Engineering University of Cape Coast, Ghana (West Africa)

            Fan Yongxiang
            Director, Food Safety Standard Division I, China National Centre for Food Safety Risk Assessment

            Fran Freeman
            First Assistant Secretary, Australia Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ Exports Division; Chair of the Codex Committee on Food Import and Export Inspection and Certification Systems

            Gale Prince
            President, SAGE Food Safety, LLC

            Ge Zhirong
            Honorary Chairman, CIFSQ; Former Counselor of the State Council; Member of the 11th CPPCC; Former Deputy Director AQSIQ; Deputy Director of the Expert Committee, CCPBD

            Gerard Chia
            Investments & Portfolio Management, New Protein Capital

            Gu Shaoping
            Deputy Director, Food Production Safety Supervision Dept., State Administration for Market Regulation, China

            Guy Tweedie
            Vice President, Research & Development, Infant & Child Nutrition (Enfa), Reckitt Benckiser

            Hervé Martin
            National Food Safety and Quality Director, Carrefour China Management Consulting Service Co., Ltd

            Huang Yan
            Sr. Technical Service Engineer, 3M

            Huang Yasheng
            Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management

            Irene Chan
            Deputy Country Director, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, China Office

            Jean Francois Legrand
            Global Food Safety Director, BRF Global

            Jennifer Gao
            Research Associate, MIT Sloan School of Management

            Jens Brockmeyer
            Prof. Dr. rer. nat.,Department of Food Chemistry, Institute of Biochemistry and Technical Biochemistry, University Stuttgart

            Jerome Combrisson
            NGS industry Europe Manager, Biofortis Merieux NutriSciences

            John Lee
            Agilent Global food market manager

            Jorgen Schlundt
            Michael Fam Chair Professor, Food Science and Technology, Nanyang Technological University; Director, NTU Food Technology Centre (NAFTEC)

            Joseph Elrefaie
            Director, International and Commercial Quality, Conagra Brands, Inc.

            Joseph Scimeca
            Vice President, Global Regulatory & Scientific Affairs, Cargill

            Joseph Zhou
            Investment Partner, Bits x Bites

            Ksenia Horoshenkova
            Director, Finance & Operations, ImpactVision

            Lee Chin Kei
            Medical Officer, WHO Representative in People’s Republic of China

            Le Nguyen Doan Duy
            Assoc. Professor, Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology-Vietnam National University System

            Leon Gorris
            Unilever Research & Development

            Li Fengqin
            Research Scientist, Chief Officer of Microbiology Laboratory; Professor, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment

            Li Jingguang
            Professor and Academic Secretary to NHC Key Laboratory, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment

            Liang Chengzhu
            Director and Scientific Leader, Qingdao Customs

            Link Wang
            Technical Director, Romer Labs China

            Liran Christine Shan
            Newman Followship Scholar, Post-doc Researcher, University College Dublin, Ireland

            Liu Biao
            Infant Formula R&D Director, Yili Group

            Lucy Yu
            Professor, Department of Nutrition & Food Science, University of Maryland

            Maritta Ko
            Head, BioControl Global Portfolio Development, Merck Life Science

            Marta Hugas
            Chief Scientist, European Food Safety Authority

            Mary McBride
            Director Global Applied Segment Marketing, Agilent Technology, USA

            Matilda Ho
            Founder and Managing Director, Bits x Bites; Founder and CEO, Yimishiji

            Meredith Sutzko
            Global Food Pathogen Product Manager, Romer Labs Inc.

            Mohammed Ahmed
            Senior Consultant; Manager Laboratory Optimization, BioMerieux

            Nicholas Renegar
            PhD Student, MIT Sloan School of Management

            Nuri Gras
            Executive Secretary, Chilean Food Safety and Quality Agency

            Pan Canping
            Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, China Agricultural University

            Pascal Boireau
            Director, Animal Health Laboratory, ANSES

            Patrice Arbault
            Consultant, BioAdvantage Consulting

            Patrick Wall
            Associate Professor of Public Health, University College Dublin's School of Public Health and Population Sciences

            Paul Hepburn
            Director, Food Safety, Safety & Environmental Assurance Centre, Unilever

            Paul Kiecker
            Acting Administrator, Food Safety and Inspection Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

            Paul Toulouse
            President, Eurofins Laboratoires de Microbiologie Ouest – France

            Peggy Monson
            Peggy Monson, Director, Global Analytical and Food Safety, Abbott Nutrition Research & Development

            Pierre Venter
            General Manager R&D Food Perception, Assurance, and Nutrition, Fonterra

            Pradeep Malakar
            Senior Research Scientist, Fonterra, New Zealand

            Qin Jianhua
            Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences

            Rain Yamamoto
            Food Standards Officer, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN

            Remen Cheng
            Marketing Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

            Retsef Levi
            J. Spencer Standish (1945) Professor of Operations Management, MIT Sloan School of Management

            Ruan Guangfeng
            Director of Food Science, China Food Information Center

            Ruby O
            Director of Environmental, Social and Governance, Wynn Macau | Wynn Palace

            Sabine Baumgartner
            Assoc.Prof. DI Dr., University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU), Dept. for Agrobiotechnology Tulln, Center for Analytical Chemistry

            Sakurako Marchand
            Manager, Global Microbiology Marketing, BioMerieux

            Saskia van Ruth
            Professor, Wageningen University and Research

            Shi Yiyin
            Senior Engineer, Shanghai Customs

            Stacy Springs
            Senior Director of Programs, MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation

            Stefan Weigel
            Head of International Affairs Office, German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)

            Stephen Ostroff
            Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine, U.S. Food & Drug Administration

            Steve Crossley
            Manager of Data, International, Composition and Exposure at Food Standards Australia New Zealand

            Steven Gendel
            Senior Director, Food Science, Food Chemicals Codex, US Pharmacopeia

            Steven Hermansky
            Vice President and Chief Food Safety and Quality Officer, Conagra Brands, Inc.

            Sultan Ali Al Taher
            Head of Food Inspection Section, Dubai Municipality Food Safety Department

            Jinlv Sun
            Professor, Allergy Department, Peking Union Medical College Hospital; Chairman, Allergy Medicine Committee, Chinese Research Hospital Association

            Swaine Chen
            Assistant Professor, Medicine and Senior Research Scientist in Infectious Diseases, National University of Singapore and Genome Institute of Singapore

            Tang Dawei
            Research Scientist, Unilever

            Tan Zhijun
            Deputy Director, Yellow Sea Fishery Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences

            Terence Lok-Ting Lau
            Director of Innovation and Technology Development; The Hong Kong Polytechnic University;
            Convener, The Food Safety Consortium

            Terry McGrath
            Research Fellow, Institute for Global Food Security, Queens University Belfast, UK

            Thomas Spengler
            Director Market Management Food Feed Beverages & Head of Lean Customer Development, AIC Division, Bruker BioSpin GmbH

            Tian Mingsheng
            Inspector & Chief Physician, General Enforcement Team, Shanghai Food and Drug Administration

            Tim Jackson
            Vice President Food Safety, Regulatory Compliance, Worker Welfare, Driscoll’s; President, International Association for Food Protection

            Tom Heilandt
            Secretary, Codex Alimentarius Commission

            Tom Ross
            Professor, University of Tasmania, Australia

            Vellen Zhang
            Minitab Senior Application Consultant, Techmax Info. Tech. Co., Ltd.

            Vivian C.H. Wu
            Research Leader, Agricultural Research Service, Western Regional Research Center, United States Department of Agriculture

            Vytenis Andriukaitis
            Commissioner, Health and Food Safety, European Commission

            Wang Longfei
            Chemical Analytical Expert, Nestlé Food Safety Institute (China)

            Wang Peng
            CEO, Food Safety and Nutrition Information Technology Co.Ltd

            Wang Songxue
            Research Scientist, ASAG (Academy of State Administration of Grains)

            Wang Tiehan
            Director of Food Safety, State Administration for Market Regulation of China

            Wang Yu
            Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, Peking University; Deputy Secretary-General, China Global Health Network

            Wendy Gao
            Director, North Asia Regional Regulatory Affairs, Cargill Hong Kong Ltd.

            William Watts
            Deputy Director, Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center

            Wu Di
            Associate Researcher, Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang

            Wu Yanwen
            Research Professor, Beijing Center for Physical & Chemical Analysis

            Wu Yongning
            Chief Scientist, China National Center of Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA); Director, NHC Key Lab of Food Safety Risk Assessment

            Xie Xueqin
            Senior Engineer, Xiamen Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute

            Xun Gong
            Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

            Xueqi (Shirley) Li
            Assistant Director, University of California Davis Olive Center

            Yang Dajin
            Research Scientist, Director of Risk Surveillance Division 1, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment

            Yang Jinsong
            Director General, Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration

            Yao Su
            Director, Fermentation R&D Department, China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation Industries; Vice Director, CICC

            Yao Weirong
            College of Food Science, Jiangnan University

            Yao Zhongping
            Associate Professor, Department of Applied Biology & Chemical Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

            Yi Xionghai
            Vice Director, Technical Center for Animal, Plant and Food Inspection & Quarantine of Shanghai Customs

            Yoav Levy
            Founder, Freshpoint

            Yukiko Yamada
            Advisor to Vice-Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan

            Yves Rey
            Independent Senior Advisor to Industry Leaders, former Danone Corporate General Manager and GFSI Chairman

            Zhang Bo
            Lead of Food Safety Research, IBM Research China

            Zhang Donglai
            Associate Professor, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences

            Zhang Feng
            Chief Expert, Institute of Food Safety; Director, Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine

            Zhang Guangtao
            Global Head of Analytical Food Safety Research, Global Food Safety Center, Mars

            Zhang Li
            CMO, Shenzhen DJX Technology Co., Ltd.

            Zhao Yunfeng
            Research Scientist, Chief Officer of Chemistry Laboratory, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment

            Zhinong Yan
            Executive Director, Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center

            Zhong Kai
            Deputy Director, China Food Information Centre (CFIC)

            Zhou Changyan
            Dean, Institute of Agri-food Standards and Testing Technology at the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences

            Zhou Jiehong
            Professor, Zhejiang University

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